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Officer Lunchbox on Exercise and it’s Merits.

"You know what I hate more than exercise?" Gail huffed out breathlessly, resting her hands on her knees as she bent forward heaving in lungful’s of air one after the other.

Holly snorted in amusement, running her hand along Gail’s back, feeling the woman’s muscles touch underneath her fingers before swiping through the thin layer of sweat clinging to the woman’s lower back. “There’s something you hate more than exercise? I didn’t know it was possible.”

"Har de har." Gail grumbled, standing upright to slap Holly’s shoulder with the back of her hand. "The only thing I hate more than exercise is the fact that you continually refuse to continue the exercise in the shower with me once we get home. It makes the entire process somehow less enjoyable, and I didn’t know that was possible."

"You know," Holly murmured softly, stepping forward into Gail’s personal space, sliding her arms around the woman’s shoulders. "A lot of people are actually turned on by exercise, maybe you’re one of those people."

"Maybe," Gail hummed in agreement, leaning forward to place a soft kiss on Holly’s lips as she gripped the woman’s hips tightly. "But only when I exercise with you. I only ever wanted to punch Chris in the face after we ran together, which was not very often, never jump him in the shower. You, you I want to jump in the shower, and the hallway, and the bedroom, and against the front door before we even make it back into the house."

Holly felt a shiver of arousal slid up her spine, her heart shuddering in her chest as her body responded to Gail’s words. “You know,” She whispered huskily, running her lips across Gail’s cheeks, sliding her tongue through the sheen of salty-sweat clinging to Gail’s face. “I could make an exception, just for you, of course. Sex after exercise sounds nice.”

"You’re just horny now I’ve talked about it." Gail murmured tilting her face into Holly’s touch appreciatively. "You can’t get the image of me picking you up and fucking you against the side of the house out of your mind can you?"

"Not now I can’t," Holly answered breathlessly, gripping the back of Gail’s head with her fingers, scraping her nails over the woman’s skin, biting down roughly on her bottom lip as she kissed her hard. Their lips flowed over one another, slip sliding together in an endlessly repeating pattern of give and take, soft and slow, hard and fast. They kissed until their lungs screamed in agony, begging for relief, and then they parted to stare into one another’s eyes. "Take me to our room Officer."

Gail smirked, flicking her tongue over the seam of Holly’s mouth as she gripped the woman’s hips, walking her backwards towards their house. The front door came undone quickly under the assault of Gail’s hands and the press of Holly’s body.

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Anonymous asked: prompt: yes mistress type setting (everyone seems to be enjoying those). camila has to safeword for whatever reason. lauren's distressed bc she never mean to hurt her. idk just make it really fluffy. fluffy camren > smutty camren sometimes :)

Of course Camila has a safe word - in these types of scenarios not having a safe word is just moronic, even if you love and trust your partner. However, in my opinion it is the job of the Master/Mistress to read their partner’s reactions to things and /never/ bring about a situation in which the safe word is needed. It’s there as the final line, but you should never make it to that point. For that reason, and the likely depth of the relationship before it makes it to this point, I feel that the use of a safe word is unneeded. Lauren (as the Mistress) should back off well before a safe word is needed and if she doesn’t or couldn’t read her submissive/slave’s body language well enough not to go too far she has no right being a Mistress.

I know this is a bit rant-y, it’s just I’ve said this before to someone that requested the safe word/distressed fic and said exactly why I would never write it. I write smut and I write fluff, if you want fluff read the fluff if you want smut read the smut. I have heavy smut (this series) and gentle smut. This series doesn’t need to become a fluffy one.

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Anonymous asked: Any chance you could continue Drunken Mistakes, Sober Opportunities. I've spent the last day going through your Camren tag and reading all the fics. I had seen hardly any of them over on 5hfanficition, except for the yes mistress-y ones and first kiss. But I love some of the fluff you do, and I especially liked the idea of drunken mistakes and sober opportunities and would love it if you continued.

Thank you! This is one that I plan on redoing slightly and expanding, I just haven’t found the right inspiration yet, so, I’m glad that someone wants to see it happen :D might give me the push I need.

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awkwardly-romantic asked: loved your last Golly fic! you should totally write a sequel to it ;)

Don’t worry ;) a sequel will be happening.

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Anonymous asked: Can you give a link to the Yes Mistress series


(Go on my page and type yes mistress into the search, all stories have now been tagged).

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Charlotte Sullivan and her adorable ass face especially when her mouth hangs slightly open and you see her front teeth. I don’t know why it’s so fucking cute. It just is.

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